“You can’t run from the corn!” A fairy’s tale of a town that might be a little rough – but it’s also got its bloody blinding diamonds! A trip home to Runcorn can be far from a journey down the yellow brick road. Scary Mo, Timmy Tanked and Lick it Lil share in beauty and brutality.

Praise for the show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

***** Scotsgay 


It’s about community and the need for connection.
Matthew Roberts is both writer and performer for this extraordinary one man show. In the hands of someone else this could have been deeply depressing but he injects it with such passion and enthusiasm it becomes transformational. The humanity behind this “50 shades of Lacoste” is reassuring and hopeful. His talent, wit and sheer joy for his craft are astounding.


Do not miss this!

Fringe Review: Highly Recommended Show.

This is dynamic!

It’s a Runcorn version of Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood.
The language flickers between raw emotion and refined – its authentic, frequently poetic and always heartfelt.
Our born and bred in Runcorn performer changes voices, accents, his physicality and demeanour effortlessly.

After-show Q+A:
All audience members are invited to share in a 30 minute discussion about the themes and ideas in the play. Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class by Owen Jones; and, Know Your Place: Essays on the Working Class by the Working Class by Nathan Connolly; are examples of two non-fiction texts that will inform the political context of the Q + A.

Duration of show: 55 minutes. 
After-show: 30 minutes. 
Age: 15 + contains strong language. 

This live performance is being filmed and photographed.


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